ROAM is a creative outlet for travellers, writers and photographers: to inspire readers to create and capture through words and photographs; to adventure and explore Mother Nature’s rich landscapes; to communicate and understand the vast variety of cultures that make the world so diverse, interesting and beautiful. Ask questions, take photos, write down your random thoughts at 3am. Read books, listen to people, to songs, to nature. Be curious and roam wild and free.

The Team

Co-founders of ROAM Magazine, Annapurna and Athena Mellor, are sisters from Yorkshire, England. Having spent part of their childhood living in the United Arab Emirates and Australia, Anna and Athena developed an appreciation for and interest in culture and travel from a young age. Both sisters later became passionate about words and photographs, about being open and honest and expressing oneself in a creative way.


Annapurna Mellor is a photographer, writer and co-founder of ROAM Magazine. She fell in love with Asia shortly after graduating, and has since spent extensive periods travelling and photographing in India, Nepal, Myanmar and many more. She feels travel is about the people and stories you come across on the way, and bases her adventures around the cultures she finds fascinating. Outside of Roam, her work can be found in National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Lonely Planet Guide Books, Suitcase and Travelettes. She is represented by Getty Images and Offset agencies. She is based in Manchester, UK.

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Athena Mellor is a writer, linguist and co-founder of ROAM Magazine. Her passion for travel lies in that which keeps you on the move – hiking, cycle-touring, road-tripping. After graduating from University College London with a degree in Modern Languages, Athena decided to spend four months solo cycle-touring around parts of the USA and New Zealand, before returning to the USA to explore more of California, Oregon and Washington. She shoots on a Pentax MX 35mm film camera and is constantly trying to learn new languages on her travels, also working as a freelance translator. She is based in Manchester, England.

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