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Guten Morgen Berlin! | Photographing the City on Film

December 11, 2018

by Hannah Magsayo

What’s so special about Berlin?

It’s been already six months since I went to Berlin and I can still feel the creative soul and how free-spirited the city is. The days that I spent in the city were enough to make me fall in love and appreciate the independent and creative culture.

My days in mornings Berlin was mostly slow. It is usually started with a walk in a park and breakfast. I envy how pretty laid back most of the Berliners are. You seldom find them rushing around the city. They love to go to parks to drink, sunbathing or just to chill.

Late nights, like most of the Berliners, I fell in love how the city is fuelled with the best nightlife culture. It’s not just about drinking and partying, it stands out on the world stage and it is something which needs to be explored.

Armed with a film camera, below are the series of photos that I capture during my stay in Berlin.

Hannah is a Filipina, 25 year-old photographer currently living in Dubai. She wants to experience the world with her backpack and camera. Aside from that, she is passionate about learning different cultures and of course, trying different cuisines – her favourite is Thai food! She also likes to travel off the beaten path to places like Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Last year, she started documenting her travels on her website,

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