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Scenes from the Metro | Moscow, Russia

April 15, 2018

by Hannah Magsayo

My fascination with metro stations began when I went to Moscow 2 years ago. It is one of the unique places that I’ve ever been. I was immediately struck and inspired by how busy the metro was. It was full of life – workers, tourists, students, old people, artists and etc.

Each station has its own history and the interior is on another level. It is truly a work of art. Perhaps the most beautiful metro station in the world.

What you see below is a glimpse of life inside Moscow’s underground metro station.

Hannah is a Filipina, 25 year-old photographer currently living in Dubai. She wants to experience the world with her backpack and camera. Aside from that, she is passionate about learning different cultures and of course, trying different cuisines – her favourite is Thai food! She also likes to travel off the beaten path to places like Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Last year, she started documenting her travels on her website,

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