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A Kathmandu Cocktail | Nepal

June 14, 2017

By Artem Zhushman

Large pans full of Nepalese dumplings called “momo” sizzling on the corner. Their smell shrouding all around, it even gets under my jacket. My eyes catch a vivid pink dress, but it vanishes around the corner. I follow and find myself on a narrow curvy street, so narrow that pedestrians are stuck here in a traffic jam, floating together like a river stream.

There are women in garish dresses called “saris” passing by, the colors are so vivid that it’s almost like a competition.

The stream takes us to a crossroads and we join the numerous cars, motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws, vendors and townspeople bustling around. All the drivers press their horns with or without a reason, amplifying the cacophony.

But it wouldn’t be any other way here; all these screaming smells, colors and sounds competing and arguing with one other, mixing in an unbelievable Kathmandu cocktail.

Messy Kathmandu



Artem nepal



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Artem is a Russian born and bred traveller, photographer and tea-master, wandering around Asia since 2009. Keen on traditional and vanishing cultures and trying to document a world that is changing so fast.
“I’m concerned with cultural and social aspects of human life, diversity of cultures, relations with nature and surroundings, traditional lifestyles, ecology and natural ways of living”.

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