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Secrets of Prague | Czech Republic

December 5, 2016

By Jamie Paddock

I’m a big fan of a long weekend away and, for the last couple of years, cities in Eastern Europe have found their way to the top of the list. My latest adventure was a return trip to Prague this October for five days.

I find the best way to get under a city’s skin in a short space of time is to simply get lost. I can walk for hours without a particular destination in mind completely distracted by the sights and smells of a new place. Nowhere is this easier to do than in Prague. With its cobbled streets, baroque architecture and gothic churches there is something different around every corner and, best of all, if you need a rest stop, there’s the best beer in the world just waiting to be drunk.

The first time I visited Prague, we spent far too long trying to cross every tourist attraction off our list rather than immersing ourselves in the local culture. The tourist attractions certainly have to be visited but this time we were a lot more selective and I had a better idea of what photographs I wanted to take.

My personal highlight of the whole trip was watching the sunrise over the Vltava River from Letna Park at the northern edge of the city. Whilst the sunrise was probably the most disappointing I’ve ever seen with the sky gradually changing of black to grey, the views were perfect. Bridge upon bridge spanning the river connecting the Old Town with the Lesser Town. Red roofs and hundreds of spires as far as the eye can see. I knew there and then, watching the city come to life before me, why so many people hold Prague so close to their heart.









Whilst Jamie spends most of his days working in an office, it is photography and travel where his passion lies. Jamie tries to spend as much of his free time as possible outdoors and visiting new places, all with a six year old camera in hand. He has started to take photography much more seriously as a way to ‘escape’ the nine to five working lifestyle and shares his experiences on Instagram as often as possible.

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