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Morning Catch | Gigante Bay, Nicaragua

September 18, 2017

By Sarah Froome

The quiet little town of Gigante is tucked away on the pacific coast of Nicaragua. There is a daily bus to and from the town but due to the lack of regular public transport it has remained a rather quiet and local little beach town. Except for the occasional surf camp and accommodation, it has a lovely chilled vibe which is far more endearing than neighbouring beach resorts.

The local fishermen work tirelessly hauling in nets every morning before the sun rises, bringing their catch of the day to the beach for sale. I was lucky enough to join them one morning, a 4.30am start, the air fresh and the sea calm. We were followed by flocks of birds, anticipating a feed from the boat, pelicans eagerly eyed the nets being hauled in and fought over scraps thrown overboard as the men filleted the fish and readied them for sale. As the sun rose over the cliffs, the air began to warm and the swell began to grow. Snapper, barracuda, and an array of other fish were loaded in the crate and sold straight off the beach to locals and restaurant owners alike. That wasn’t the end of the day for the fishermen though, the boat turned around and went back out to sea to reset the nets they’d just pulled in, ready for another day of hard work the next morning.

Sarah is a traveller and photographer currently making her way through Central and South America. Over the last 10 months she has been documenting her journey through each country and loves to immerse herself in the culture of new places. Having previously traveled South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka and Australia, she has well and truly caught the bug for travel. Capturing the essence and soul of a place is important to her and the freedom to travel at her own pace means she can really get to know a country and its people which she writes about on her blog

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    September 21, 2017 at 1:47 am

    Wow, Sarah! This is beautiful. You are one talented woman!

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