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Street Photography from Bhaktapur | Nepal

February 11, 2018

By Victoria Campa

Bhaktapur is a tiny medieval city in Nepal that used to be one of the three kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley. There is a beautiful temple around every corner of the quiet, brick and wood streets, where school children play and women dry grains under the beating sun. The town was hit hard by the earthquake in 2015, so a lot of reconstruction is still taking place, but the absolutely astonishing foundations of what once was still remain. Spend a day getting lost in the tiny alleyways, eating the famous King Curd, and watching the sun set behind the mountains in the distance. Nepal at its best. 


Victoria Campa grew up in Madrid, Spain and went to school in New York City. She has been backpacking around India, Nepal and Sri Lanka for the past few months, camera in hand. She is currently focusing her lens on South America.

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