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9 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers

December 1, 2018

Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas Gifts for a Traveller? Travellers can be tricky people to buy for. Most of us prefer to spend our money on flight tickets than material things, and often we’re not around for enough of the year to enjoy objects to their full advantage. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and collected some of the best Christmasmas Gifts for Travellers. These gifts are perfect for backpackers, creative travellers or anyone who wants to live more consciously. We’ve focused on ways to reduce plastic while on the road, gifts which support independent makers and creatives and useful trip planning tools. If you’re struggling to find the perfect Christmas Gift for a Traveller, this should give you some ideas!

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

Package-free toiletries

As travellers, we love the world, and we also want to protect it. Reducing plastic has been a big topic in 2018, and indeed it’s one of the best and easiest ways to reduce your personal plastic use. Not only that, but package free toiletries are also perfect for travel. They don’t leak in your bag, you don’t have to worry about getting them through security and they last forever. Our favourites are from LUSH, including their solid shampoos, conditioners and natural deodorants. We also recommend checking out Peace with the Wild for a wide selection of plastic free goodies that make some perfect Christmas gifts for travellers.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

A new way to drink on the road

Bottled water can be a big issue when travelling, and it can often be hard to find a way to avoid it, particularly in countries where the tap water is unsafe to drink. Our first gift idea in this category is a reusable water bottle – we recommend a metal one which is long lasting, light to carry and keeps liquids cold and hot for long periods of time. We love the ones by Hydroflask and Patagonia. If you are wanting to gift something for a traveller who often heads to Asia, Africa and South America where they often can’t drink the tap water, consider a Steri-pen or a filtered adapter for a water bottle, which also make perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

Prints from some amazing photographers & artists

If your traveller has a place they call home between trips, look at adorning that space for them with some gorgeous prints which will remind them of places afar. We love photography prints from Hollie Fernando, Louise Coghill and our co-founder Annapurna Mellor. If you want a piece of art, look to Rosie Harbottle and Roeqie. Buying prints from artists is a wonderful gift as you are not only giving someone something unique, but you are also supporting an independent artist who appreciates your pennies much more than a giant company does.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

The perfect notebook

Technology is now a big part of travel, but many travellers still love to use notebooks to write a journal from their trips, write essential notes down and keep documents safe. There are so many great notebooks on the market, and we think some perfect ones for travellers are this one from Sass & Belle and these personalised ones. You also can never go wrong with a classic Moleskin, another great Christmas gift for travellers.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

Off-beat Travel Guides

Travel guides are still an essential part of many travellers trips – some might use e-Books, but others love a physical guidebook to show them the ropes of a new and different place. Lonely Planet is often a go-to in this category, but there are also some new and exciting guidebook brands offering some more off-beat guidebooks. Wallpaper guides focus on Art & Design in some of the world’s most creative cities – a perfect gift for a creative traveller. If you are looking to gift an India guide, we adore the series from Love Travel Guides, who have written in detail guides to cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa and Kolkata. They are not only practical gifts for a traveller heading to India, but they are also beautiful keep-sakes which will keep on inspiring future trips.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

Crafts that give back

Often when we travel, we find beautiful things around the world which we wish we could bring home, but we can’t squeeze it into our backpack or suitcase. The gorgeous baskets at The Basket Room remind me of crafts I have seen in different places around the world which I just wish I could have brought home. Not only are the designs super beautiful and functional, but they also give back to the communities in Kenya, Swaziland and Ghana where they are made.

For a traveller who might prefer something smaller and more wearable, look to the incredible jewellery from Made, which is handmade in Kenya by artisans and all made with sustainable practices.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

Inspirational magazines

If a guidebook is a little too formal for your creative traveller, magazines provide that essential combination between inspiration and information which will have every traveller dreaming of their next trip. We love Lodestars Anthology, a UK based publication which focuses on a different country in each issue and fills the pages with stories, photography and guides to some amazing places. Their latest issues are India and England. For the more outdoorsy traveller, look to Another Escape, and minimal travellers will love Cereal.

A Local Experience

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

If your traveller already has a trip planned, gift them a local experience which they will remember forever. Air Bnb have recently launched Experiences, which connect the traveller to a local person who will teach them a skill, give them a unique tour or show them a different side of a place. Some of our favourites include this tea ceremony in Kyoto, Japan, this Paella cooking class in Barcelona, and this surf school experience in Bali. We tried a street food tour in Naples, Italy, and it was the highlight of our trip to the city. There are experiences all over the world, and you are guaranteed to find one which will enrich your travellers trip – we think it’s a pretty perfect Christmas gift for travellers.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travellers | ROAM Magazine

A gift that keeps giving

Subscription boxes have really taken off this year, and we can definitely see why. They are niche gifts that just keep on giving, and there are so many amazing ones on the market at the moment, it’s easy to find one perfect for your traveller. One of our favourites is Cocoa Runners, perfect for any chocolate lovers. Each month, you’ll receive a box with a selection of artisan chocolate bars from around the world. It’s an amazing way to connect with the cocoa growers and producers, as well as trying some delicious new chocolates. Another box we love is Book Voyage – which every month sends you a book from a different country, and a bunch of goodies to accompany it. It’s a trip around the globe every month and might open some doors to places you’d never thought of visiting before. Gifting one of these subscriptions is a perfect present for a traveller.

Annapurna Mellor is a travel photographer, writer and co-founder of Roam Magazine. She fell in love with Asia shortly after graduating and has since spent extensive periods travelling and photographing in India, Nepal, Myanmar and many more. She shoots regularly for brands and publications and her work can be found in National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Lonely Planet, Suitcase and The Guardian. When not on the road, she is based in Manchester, UK.

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