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ROAM Loves: 8 Travel Blogs that Go Deeper

February 13, 2018

It’s probably no surprise that we love travel blogs, and we read a lot of them. They are our go-to when looking for travel advice, inspiration and stories from the road. Travel blogging has got so popular in the last few years that there are literally thousands around, with new ones popping up each and everyday. Yet we still feel like it’s possible to stand out, to do something a little different and tell stories in a unique voice.

From all the travel blogs we read, there are some we just keep coming back to. These travel blogs are the ones which have their own voice. They give travel advice, tips and inspiration, but they do it in a way which engages us with both the destination and the author. Photography is also a big thing we look for in travel blogs, and it’s no surprise that all of our favourites have really incredible images to go with their posts.

Here are 8 blogs that we come back to again and again, not only for the wonderful writing and beautiful photography, but because they tell stories of a destination that go a little deeper.

Rice Potato /

Rice Potato win the award not only for best blog name, but also for most stylish design. They focus on Bangkok, yet also cover places near and far from India to Iran to Ethiopia and Indonesia. The team is made up of Chris, a dutchman (the potato) and Etty, from Taiwan (the rice). Together, they have an incredible eye for beautiful, quirky design and an unusual story. From boutique hotels to old style cafes and local crafts, they craft there posts in a way which is always fun and with a unique Rice Potato flair. We love strolling through their posts dreaming of coffee shop hopping in Bangkok or staying in blue painted palaces in Rajasthan.

Our favourite posts: Bangkok’s Old Style Cafes / The Udaipur City Palace

The Common Wanderer /

The Common Wanderer is made up of Mark and Miranda, an Australian couple who now call London home – that’s of course when they’re not safari-ing in Botswana, hiking through Nepal or exploring some of Europe’s lesser known gems. What sets The Common Wanderer out from the wash of couple travel bloggers out there is the fact that they just do it much better. The photography is flawless, their posts are well thought out and carry that perfect mixture of inspiration and information and their site looks beyond the usual sites to explore places a little deeper. They’ve recently been exploring Swedish Lapland and you must watch the video they shot of their time there!

Our favourite posts: Rediscovering Nature in Swedish Lapland / Collecting Moments on the Island of Menorca

Wander-Lush /

Wander-Lush, written by one of our contributors Emily Lush, is a colourful look at some off the beaten track destinations through their culture. I’m always drawn into her stories, which weave local life, personal experience and great travel tales of some off unusual destinations. Last year she explored the Caucasus countries and shed some new light on travelling in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. She is based, most of the time, in Hanoi, Vietnam and she uses her time there to explore some weird and wonderful corners of the country – which you can see by following her Instagram @emily_lush.

Our Favourite Posts: How Travelling in the Caucasus restored by faith in Humanity / A Quick Guide to Haiphong, Vietnam

The Travelling Light /

The Travelling Light has been one of my favourite blogs for so, so long. It’s written by Katie McKnoulty, an Australian nomad who has spent the last few years hopping between cities, working online and creating wonderful guides and stories to share on The Travelling Light. She recently decided to settle down in her favourite city, Paris – where she seems to seamlessly fit into the backdrop of French architecture, coffee shops and morning croissants. I love scrolling through her blog, and reading her guides to places like Bali, Rome and India – while gazing at her dreamy photography and planning my next trip.

Our Favourite Posts: Paris Rooftops / Alleppey Backwaters By Canoe

Along Dusty Roads /

Along Dusty Roads is the project of Andrew and Emily – both writers and photographers who put incredible thought and craft into their blog. The site is full of gorgeous, dreamy images, guides which go a little deeper and plenty of South America travel advice – a place where the duo spent two years travelling around. Their blog now features destinations from around the world – with a new focus on Europe and places like Riga, Latvia and Puglia. Whenever we read their blog we have to tempt ourselves not to open a Skyscanner tab just to check out how cheap flights are to to their latest European adventure spot.

Our Favourite Posts: A Winter Guide to Riga / Why I Left My Heart in Mexico

This Battered Suitcase /

This Battered Suitcase is a ‘solo female travel blog’, but one with a difference. Brenna, who writes the blog, is a true writer and she pours her heart our onto her blog, talking travel, boys, loneliness, and all sorts of other feelings. I could read her stories for days, they are often hilarious, and always from the heart. I love how honest she is about travel, both the ups and downs, and how genuinely well she writes. This Battered Suitcase is one of the oldest running travel blogs around, yet it’s one I always come back to.

Our Favourite Posts: This is How Travel Breaks Your Heart / ‘The Last Time I Saw You’ Series

Haarkon /

Haarkon have one of the most unusual travel niches around – they are a travel blog about greenhouses. That’s right, lovely leafy, planty greenhouses. Yet somehow, their combination of stunning photographs and well thought out posts makes me want to visit every single one. They’ve recently been plant-touring Japan, Costa Rica and they are often in various quirky spots around the UK too. If you don’t already follow their Instagram @haarkon_, you really must.

Our Favourite Posts: Berlin Botanical Garden / Kyoto Notes, Japan

Lost with Purpose /

Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran and Bangladesh. Not your usual list of travel blogging hot spots, but that’s exactly why we love Lost with Purpose so much. They focus on places we might not otherwise think of visiting, they show us how to do it, why to do it and ultimately change our perceptions of a place so that we add it to our list of places to go in the future. The site is a mixture of informative information, storytelling and lots of local faces. Previously a project of couple Alex and Sebastian, they have recently separated and the reigns of the blog will now be taken over by Alex. We’re reassured that the content won’t get any less adventurous though – as we’ve just followed her around Assam’s Majuli Island and on a river cruise along the Brahmaputra river in North East India.

Our favourite posts: Bhutan’s Royal Highlander Festival / India’s Disappearing Island 

What’s your favourite travel blog? Let us know in the comments below!


8 Travel Blogs That Go Deeper

Annapurna Mellor is a travel photographer, writer and co-founder of Roam Magazine. She fell in love with Asia shortly after graduating and has since spent extensive periods travelling and photographing in India, Nepal, Myanmar and many more. She shoots regularly for brands and publications and her work can be found in National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Lonely Planet, Suitcase and The Guardian. When not on the road, she is based in Manchester, UK.

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