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ROAM Loves… April 2017

May 13, 2017

The realisation that we are already a quarter of a way into the year is pretty terrifying. Time flies, even if you’re stuck in the rut of work-bills-real life. As a result, this month on ROAM Loves we have some content that will get you searching for flights right away. Wanderlust for the restless heart, for the spontaneous traveller. Because life is about more than ‘what if’, and when the sun comes out our travelling souls start singing to escape. Who says travel can’t be real life, anyway?

Instagram: Vanessa B. of Art Jaunts

We love it when you use our #ROAMtravels hashtag on Instagram because it allows us to discover some amazing creatives from all over the world. We recently discovered Vanessa B. of Art Jaunts, and have been lusting after her artsy lifestyle photography while living on the road for the last year with boyfriend @er.cunningham (who we also love!). Vanessa’s colourful feed features recent photographs from Mexico, Guatemala, Vietnam and Thailand, and has us yearning to escape and live on the road too!
art jaunts

Video: The Hidden Side of “Slum” Life | Free Think

We were recently contacted by media company, Free Think, who introduced us to some of their amazing documentaries that you can watch for free on YouTube. This is a short documentary about Rocinha in Brazil, a place well-known for its mass crime and poverty. In this video, Free Think tackles the reputation of the ‘slum’ but discusses the positive energy and hope that seems to be emerging there instead.

“Faced with difficult hardships, many residents of Rio’s largest “slum” city are rising up and building better lives for themselves and each other. Not long ago, this incredible city was composed of little more than wooden shacks; today it’s a thriving community built on top of an intricate labyrinth of housing, businesses and utilities.”

Story: Patagonia: Beautiful but Bittersweet by Freia Lily | The Adventure Handbook

Photojournalist, Freia Lily, writes a passionate tale of her time in Patagonia and the way it impacted her thoughts, emotions and way of thinking. After a solo 60km trek in Chilean Patagonia, Freia returned with an awareness of the changing world and a particular concern with climate change, something she witnessed first hand.

In 2017, the human race are now more than ever aware of the once thought mythical, ‘Climate Change.’ A self confessed wanderer and lover of the natural world, I’ve seen firsthand the footprints we leave behind. The carelessness we ensue as a community when we jump on that bus in our Crocs and our socks; when we barter with the locals to drop their price so we can take a souvenir back home to sit in a box under the stairs and collect dust; when we moan about the fickle WIFI at the cafe with English menus and underpaid staff; I’ve seen the obnoxiously loud debacle of trying to get a selfie in a holy place and it breaks my heart. Somewhere along the way we forgot to really live, to immerse ourselves in the new and unknown.


Video: Life Lessons from a Seven-Thousand-Mile Bike Ride | National Geographic

Filmmaker, Kenny Laubbacher, created this short video documenting the journey of his friend, Jedidiah Jenkins, who quit his job to cycle 7,000 miles from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. The video is incredibly inspiring, as Jedidiah discusses the concept of routine and the reason for his unique adventure.

Product: Camera Bag by Millican

We’ve been following sustainable bag company, Millican, for a while now; a company inspired by the restless spirit of the open road, creating bags for travellers – they certainly encapsulate the ROAM ethos. Millican recently launched a new range of camera bags that we’re incredibly excited about! Choose from the backpack, messenger bag or camera insert, the range is attractive, durable and made for the traveller, constantly on the move.


Blog: Habitual Film

This lovely blog by Madelyn Hannah is dedicated to film photography, captured during day-to-day life. We particularly love the most recent post, DAZED AND CONFUSED, which perfectly encapsulates a summertime day.


Book: Wild Guide Scotland

Because travel doesn’t always have to mean getting on a plane… For all our UK-based readers, there’s a little place on our own island with some of the most incredible lakes, mountains, beaches and forests to be discovered, and the new Wild Guide reveals all of Scotland’s secret places. It doesn’t take much more than a flick through the pages of this book to see why Scotland is considered by so many to be a ‘hidden treasure’.

“The most beautiful and memorable experiences are those that are fleeting, unique and impossible to recreate – the ‘you had to be there’ moments. The beauty of Scotland lies in the nuanced and ephemeral nature of the relationship between its unique and varied landscape and the constantly changing weather systems.”

wg roam loves

Let us know what you have been loving this month in the comments below! Got something you think we’d be interested in featuring? Email

Athena Mellor is a writer, linguist and co-founder of ROAM Magazine. Her passion for travel lies in that which keeps you on the move – hiking, cycle-touring, road-tripping. After graduating from University College London with a degree in Modern Languages, Athena decided to spend 4 months solo cycle-touring around parts of the USA and New Zealand, before returning to the USA to explore more of California, Oregon and Washington. She shoots on a Pentax MX 35mm film camera and is constantly trying to learn new languages on her travels, also working as a freelance translator. She is based in Yorkshire, England.

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