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ROAM Loves… November 2016

December 18, 2016

November is a time when the days grow crisper and shorter here in the UK; those bright Autumn leaves have fallen and the earth looks a little dead for a while, sleeping until the birds chirp again in the springtime. But these short, dark days make it a good time to seek and find inspiration; to fill our eyes and hearts with wanderlust, to plan future adventures and explorations. This time last year, I was cycling around New Zealand, so the nostalgia and yearning for adventure is particularly high. Lately I’ve been dreaming of mountains – climbing mountains, being in and amongst the mountains, consumed by the mountains. So, needless to say, this month’s ROAM Loves will be featuring a bit of mountain inspiration as well as some incredible photographers and articles we’ve been discovering this month…

Blog Post: Traveling To Kyrgyzstan | @hannahmagsayo

Hannah Magsayo’s blog post on Kyrgyzstan is truly breathtaking. Not only does she capture some of the most beautiful photos of the flat lands and rolling hills of the Kyrgyzstan landscape, but she describes the warmth and kindness of the people she people she met there in a genuine, whole-hearted and grateful way. Hannah’s blog features a lot more stories from travels in Nepal, Naoirobi, Armenia and beyond.


Video: ARCTIC | Tim Kellner

Photographer and Videographer, Tim Kellner, recently travelled to the Arctic in a 1980s Russian icebreaker, collecting photographs and film footage. The result is this breathtaking video. With a moody yet thoughtful tone, Tim shot, edited and mixed the video’s music all himself. Shiver-inducing and mind-blowing.

Blog Post: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 2016 | @jinchuferrer

In this blogpost, Jinchu – a freelance photographer and world traveller – captures the rustic charm of a small, relatively unknown town called Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Jin admits that they weren’t supposed to stay in Mostar so long, but a bout of the flu meant they were forced to extend their stay from two to five days. The result was more time to discover the intricate history and charming backstreets of Mostar, and some wonderful photos of tea shops, cobbled streets and the mountainous surroundings of the town.


Article: Your First Photograph | HUCK Magazine

This article on HUCK Magazine discusses photographing people and the way we – in the Western World – have become somewhat immune to seeing photographs of ourselves. As a result, photojournalist, Berta Tilmantaite, decided to travel to South America to give people the gift of having their first photograph taken. A thought-provoking and interesting read.

“The resulting images are reminiscent of years gone past, where having your photograph taken was a special event. It’s something that’s been lost in the digital age, and projects like this act as a stark reminder that photography remains as powerful today as it always has been.”

Instagram: Chris Buxton in the Dolomites | @buxtonc

Wales-based photographer, Chris Buxton’s recent trip to the Dolomites certainly has us lusting after Italy’s incredible mountains and landscapes. Chris’s photos are striking yet muted; snowy peaks, mist-covered forests and fairytale churches at the foot of the mountains.


Story: An Hour Past Midnight | Sonora Mindling-Werling

Sonora is an Instagrammer, sometime YouTuber and model, but what strikes me most is her incredible writing ability. Her style is deep, passionate, emotional and personal, and she writes mostly about nature and travel. This particular story struck a cord for its depth of thought and intricate detail. Late-night musings.

“Late nights reality is already elusive, and that paired with these mysterious voices of night creatures had me curled deep in my blankets, sleepily giddy at this glimpse of the outside world.

Things are wild and alive and moving out there in the dark, and it is good to be reminded of it.”


Feature: Instagram Snapshots: Annapurna Mellor in Egypt | The Guardian

ROAM co-founder, Annapurna, was recently approached by The Guardian newspaper to feature in their ‘Instagram Snapshots’ section. Three of Anna’s stunning photos from Egypt appear on the website and in the newspaper. Light through temples, sunrise on the Nile and selfies at sunset.


Let us know what you have been loving this month in the comments below! Got something you think we’d be interested in featuring? Email


Athena Mellor is a writer, linguist and co-founder of ROAM Magazine. Her passion for travel lies in that which keeps you on the move – hiking, cycle-touring, road-tripping. After graduating from University College London with a degree in Modern Languages, Athena decided to spend 4 months solo cycle-touring around parts of the USA and New Zealand, before returning to the USA to explore more of California, Oregon and Washington. She shoots on a Pentax MX 35mm film camera and is constantly trying to learn new languages on her travels, also working as a freelance translator. She is based in Yorkshire, England.

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