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ROAM Loves… October 2016

November 7, 2016

Summer has well and truly left us in England. What’s replaced it are crisp Autumn days, falling leaves and an abundance of colour. It is the first time in a while that I remember Autumn being a truly beautiful time to be in this country. Sure, it’s often bitterly cold and my body’s comfort in 45 degree Asia means I can hardly cope with anything under 10 degrees, which is currently a nightly occurrence. Last month I was in Japan and Lisbon, it was mad busy and I barely had any time to write – hence the lateness of this post. But I’m back at my blue desk overlooking falling leaves, and yet as usual, dreaming of exotic lands. Here are some of the things I’ve been loving this month, and despite my earlier gushing for a love for Autumn, you might still notice a theme of warmer lands.

Instagram: Mass Journey | @massjourney

Since we started our #ROAMtravels hashtag on Instagram I’ve found some incredible accounts filled with colourful images of the world. Mass Journey, a husband and wife duo exploring the world for the next 13 months, are one such duo. Their images brim with the life and vitality of Asia. Having recently travelled to Vietnam, India and Japan, they are currently in Cambodian paradise. We can’t wait to see where they head next. You can also follow their blog at


Blog: Urban Pixxals

There are so many travel blogs out there, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start! Every now and then I come across one which really stands out to me and Urban Pixxals is certainly one of them. Run by Jachintha, a Dutch girl now living in London, the blog is full of the most stunning photography. She focuses on city guides, coffee shop and brunch spots and has recently expanded into vlogging. She makes us want to visit every city she blogs about, and after visiting Lisbon last month, we are particularly crushing on her guide to Porto.


Article: Travelettes – The Fast Train to Hokuriku

Ok, so what’s the harm in a little self promotion right… Well last month I had the pleasure of travelling to Japan on assignment for Travelettes. I got to explore the region of Hokuriku, an area which sees little tourism at the moment, but I feel that soon is all about to change. We explored the home of Zen Buddhism, visited Sake breweries and generally discovered a different side of Japan than the neon lights of Tokyo. I’d love for you to check it out!


Album: Julia Jacklin – Don’t Let the Kids Win

Originally from the Australian Blue Mountains, Julia Jacklin’s debut album ‘Don’t Let the Kids Win’ is guaranteed to break your heart and put a smile on your face all at the same time. The record is made up of country inspired songs with a strong personal touch and buckets of emotion. It’s one of my favourites of the year, and I recommend that everyone listen. Julia will be touring the UK in November with Whitney (our favourite summer album) and we can’t wait to see her in action! Have a listen to the full record here.

Instagram: Alexander Klein | @_alexanderklein_

Australian photographer Alexander Klein is another Instragrammer we’ve been loving this month, after we spotted him tagging the #ROAMtravels hashtag. His film photos of India showcase the vibrant colours and energy of the land, and make us yearn to return.


Photo Essay: The Road to Palo Alto with Jack River

Yet another Australian creative, Jack River is a singer-songwriter who has been catching that music industry buzz as of late. Her latest tune ‘Palo Alto‘ was inspired by roadtriping through California alongside her best friend. This photo diary on Russh Magazine showcases the free spirit and carefree atmosphere of travelling along the wide, open roads of this part of the world.


Blog: The Travelling Light in Varanasi

One of our favourite blogs and Instagram accounts for a long time, The Travelling Light is run by Katie McKnoulty. Katie is a nomadic freelancer and travel blogger who is almost permanently living and exploring some of the world’s most amazing cities. She’s currently in India, and we’ve loved following her journey through her Instagram feed. Her newest blog post is about one of our favourite cities in the world, Varanasi.


Instagram: Melissa Findley in Nepal | @melissafindley

I am forever inspired by the work of Melissa Findley, an Australian travel photographer. Like me, she feels a strong spiritual connection with Nepal, and has recently returned to the country to trek the Langtang trail, travel around the Kathmandu Valley and explore Pokhara. Her images of the country showcase it’s beauty, strength and resilience in all its glory. If you were ever wondering whether it’s time to go back to Nepal after the 2015 earthquake, please take a look at Melissa’s images, and you’ll see that Nepal is THE country to be exploring in 2017.


Let us know what you have been loving this month in the comments below! Got something you think we’d be interested in featuring? Email

Annapurna Mellor is a travel photographer, writer and co-founder of Roam Magazine. She fell in love with Asia shortly after graduating and has since spent extensive periods travelling and photographing in India, Nepal, Myanmar and many more. She shoots regularly for brands and publications and her work can be found in National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Lonely Planet, Suitcase and The Guardian. When not on the road, she is based in Manchester, UK.

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