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ROAM Loves… September 2016

September 23, 2016

Somehow summer has come to an end. The 22nd September saw the official arrival of Autumn in the UK; soon the leaves will start changing colour, the days will get shorter and darker, and the cool Atlantic air will send shivers through our bodies. Pumpkin Spice Lattes have already arrived in Starbucks and Mince Pies have come to the supermarkets. So as an ode to the changing seasons, in this second edition of the ROAM Loves series we’ll be saying goodbye to summer with a Caribbean photo-essay and a chilled-out album we love, and hello to autumn/winter with some Arctic Vlogs and an epic journey on foot through Swedish lapland.

Blog: In Pursuit of Adventures – Anna Blackwell

Anna Blackwell is a British adventuress who recently completed a 485km journey on foot on the Kungsleden, a route that passes through Swedish Lapland – beginning in Abisko, 250km inside the Arctic Circle, and ending 32 days later in Hemavan. She documented her journey through a series of blogposts on her website, having us lusting after the incredible Swedish landscapes, mountains, sunsets and sunrises. Anna says, “nothing really beats waking up and unzipping the tent door to breathtaking views of mountains, rivers and sprawling valleys”. Though her journey looked anything but easy… An incredible adventure by a very brave woman, definitely worth a read.


Vlog Series: Arctic Expedition Vlogs – Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a British daily YouTube Vlogger that I have been following for a while, who recently stepped up his game considerably with a trip to the Arctic. Spending almost two weeks living on a Russian ice-breaker travelling through the Northern breaches of Canada and Greenland, Ben gives an incredible visual insight into life on the ship and the breathtaking landscapes that surround him. Ben’s vlogs feature amazing drone footage, daily helicopter rides, some scientific and technical insight by interesting professionals and a glimpse at the populations and cultures of these far-northern territories. It really was the trip of a lifetime, that Ben brings brings to life in these stunning videos.

Album: Light Upon The Lake – Whitney

The perfect chilled out tunes to end the summer, Whitney are an American indie-rock band from Chicago breaking into the UK music scene with their first album, ‘Light Upon The Lake’. With mellow tones and poetic lyrics, Whitney make up the majority of my driving playlist – a windows-down, sunny day kind of vibe. Whitney are touring the UK and elsewhere in Europe in October and November, and tickets are only around £10 so if you like their chilled-out tones, make sure you don’t miss out!

Interview: A Preview to Peninsula Mitre – Huck Magazine

Two brothers, surfers and filmmakers decided to trek 400km in Argentina’s wild Tierra del Fuego, seeking unridden waves in the furthest corners of the earth. They documented their journey and made a film, Peninsula Mitre. Huck Magazine interviewed the brothers before the premiere of the film, giving us an insight into the brutal journey, isolation and landscapes they came across.

Photo-essay: Dancing to the Rhythm of Love – Passion Passport

Yulia Denisluk writes about her experiences in the Dominican Republic and the great amount of love she finds there. She talks about the “overwhelming shower of affection” she receives from the locals, dancing on red Dominican soil and the island’s obsession with plantain. Yulia captures these sentiments through her photos, saying “love is shown and discussed on the streets openly”. Wonderful writing and photography from a vibrant little island in the Caribbean Sea.


Video: Lifestyle Photographer | James Barkman – Praemio

James Barkman is an American lifestyle photographer who gave up his job, house and the majority of his worldly possessions to live and travel around the US in his yellow VW Bus. James has converted the passenger seat into a wood-burner, he carries surfboards on the roof and tows a Dual-Sport Motorcycle on a trailer behind. As well as capturing beautiful photographs on his array of film cameras, James is a down-to-earth, passionate and incredibly interesting guy, perfectly captured in this video made by Praemio.

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Athena Mellor is a writer, linguist and co-founder of ROAM Magazine. Her passion for travel lies in that which keeps you on the move – hiking, cycle-touring, road-tripping. After graduating from University College London with a degree in Modern Languages, Athena decided to spend 4 months solo cycle-touring around parts of the USA and New Zealand, before returning to the USA to explore more of California, Oregon and Washington. She shoots on a Pentax MX 35mm film camera and is constantly trying to learn new languages on her travels, also working as a freelance translator. She is based in Yorkshire, England.

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