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November 1, 2016

For many, Instagram is a platform for wanderlust. Sighing “oh I wish I could go there” or gasping “that place looks incredible!” before promptly adding it to the bucket-list. I myself have used Instagram to plan many a roadtrip, city break or far-away holiday. But Instagram can also get a little depressing; filled with the places you wish you were when it’s grey and gloomy outside, and there’s a pile of work waiting for you.

Recently, however, I’ve been discovering some British-based Instagrammers, posting photos from around the UK and – even better – only an hour or two away from my own front-door. Rolling Welsh hills and jagged Cornish coastline, Yorkshire fields of purple heather and snow-dusted Scottish mountains – “wait, is that really in Britain?”, I’ve had myself questioning. Indeed, travel and adventure doesn’t have to mean getting on an aeroplane and whizzing away to a new, undiscovered land. These Instagrammers will have you lusting after landscapes on our very own British soil.

(Above images left to right: Finn Beales, Chris Buxton, Ryan Sheppeck)

Finn Beales | @finn

Based in the Black Mountains of Wales, Finn captures the great outdoors with energy, leading lines and natural tones. Though he is usually travelling around the globe, his Instagram feed features a lot from his homeland, Wales, as well as Ireland and Scotland.


Darren Brogan | @poetic_mouse

Darren always seems to be hitting the road, capturing abandoned cabins, highland cows and the stunning mountainous and rugged landscapes of Scotland.

Favourite UK destination: “I’d probably say Skye. Cliche but for a good reason. It’s just stunning!”


Jack Anstey | @jack_anstey
Peak District

With a colourful yet muted feed, Jack has an incredible talent for capturing the essence of the Peak District. Following the changing seasons and skies, Jack provides an enviable and beautiful vision of Derbyshire’s landscapes. He also takes awesome drone shots and has recently photographed the Lake District and Scotland.

Favourite UK destination: “My favourite location to shoot is the Peak District, having it literally on my doorstep means I’m able to get out at a moments notice, without any planning or preparation. Real spur of the moment stuff. Just grab my bag, tent, sleeping bag and camera and head off for the night.”


Eilidh Cameron | @eilidh__cameron

Epic Scottish landscapes by a true fiery-haired Scotswoman, Eilidh is a Visit Scotland ambassador and is certainly proud of where she lives. Every photo she captures reinforces our belief that it really is another world up there…

Favourite UK destination: Mid-Argyll, where she lives. “It’s incredibly beautiful with amazing views out to the islands, and I don’t think it gets the recognition it deserves”


Joe Pickard | @josephowen
London Lifestyle

Brick walls, silky coffees, hanging plants and vintage cars, Joe photographs London but also the real feel of London – charming and refined yet with a Hackney edge.

Favourite UK destination: Polzeath, on the North Coast of Cornwall, or Dungeness (final image).


Ryan Sheppeck | @ryansheppeck
Peak District

Ryan’s use of light and mist is captivating, while the soft tones of brown and green in his photographs make for beautiful shots. Though he is based in the Peak District, his Instagram feed also features Scotland, the Lakes and the Southwest.


Joanna Dunford | @joanna

Hazy days, rocky cliffs and empty beaches, Joanna is based in Dorset and captures the real essence of the British seaside experience. Indeed, where else might you find a red telephone box on the beach?


Carolyn | @theslowtraveler
Newcastle & beyond

Based in Newcastle, Carolyn (better known as The Slow Traveler) captures Northern England with light colours and enviable angles. She has recently travelled extensively in South America and her photos are beyond beautiful.


Chris Buxton | @buxtonc

Mist-covered hills, sun-gleaming forests and wind-swept portraits, Chris captures Wales in a way you’ve never seen before. He’s also just been on a trip to the Dolomites and his photos are breathtaking.


Freya Dowson | @freyadowson
London & beyond

Freya is based in London, though often travelling around the UK and beyond. Her photos are sharp and whimsical, subdued yet striking. Freya has recently travelled to Kenya and will soon be heading to Nepal.

Other British Instagrammers you should definitely check out…

Josh Kemp-Smith | The Peak District
Danniel Casson | The Peak District
Ali Horne | Scotland
Sara Tasker | Yorkshire (lifestyle)
Dean Hearne | Hastings & beyond

Let us know if there are any other UK-based Instagrammers we should check out and we’ll update our list!

Athena Mellor is a writer, linguist and co-founder of ROAM Magazine. Her passion for travel lies in that which keeps you on the move – hiking, cycle-touring, road-tripping. After graduating from University College London with a degree in Modern Languages, Athena decided to spend 4 months solo cycle-touring around parts of the USA and New Zealand, before returning to the USA to explore more of California, Oregon and Washington. She shoots on a Pentax MX 35mm film camera and is constantly trying to learn new languages on her travels, also working as a freelance translator. She is based in Yorkshire, England.

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    There’s heaps of ‘gram inspo here for us! Freya has supreme skills!

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