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Light, Shadows and La Cancha | Discovering Cochabamba, Bolivia

November 2, 2018

by Ezekiel Dela Cruz

I have a long list of places I wanted to visit. Few of them I’ve crossed out, some still in the middle of planning, others still waiting for the right moment. Cochabamba, Bolivia is not that list. All I knew of Bolivia was the salt flats. So when my friend asked me to visit his hometown of Cochabamba, I didn’t really know what to expect.

It was last summer when we impulsively travelled to Cochabamba. I had no expectations and no knowledge of the place, so I relied on my friend to show me his hometown and prepared to soak up the experience from this unknown place. What I discovered was a small town centred around a colourful market. Every Friday and Wednesday, merchants from different cities nearby go to ‘La Cancha’ (marketplace) to buy and sell products.

But Cochabamba is much more than it’s market, and I found it was a place with a lot to offer. We got a cab and drove up to Mt. Tunari, which offered a different view of the town. There’s also the world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ nearby. I would never have visited Cochabamba if it wasn’t for the invite from my friend, but I’m so glad I did. I discovered a beautiful place and learnt to embrace impulsive trips. I recommend trying it sometime.

Ezekiel is a US Based wedding photographer. He loves travel and adventure and tells stories through his photographs. . I tell stories through my photographs. He believes there is always a new story to tell, and a different perspective on a place, as long as you are open to experiencing the good and bad of travel. You can follow his travels on @iamezkl.

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