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We want ROAM to be a collaborative platform for writers, photographer and creatives. If you have a story or photo essay you would like to submit, we would love to hear from you! We are also looking for creatives to interview and feature on the site.

Here’s a guideline to the features on our website:

Stories: Sharing travel stories through words
Stories are designed to focus on the writing of a traveller. It can describe a place or a scene, share a moment or event you were involved in or witnessed. It can reveal your thoughts on a particular place or the way you felt while travelling. It’s really up to you to write in your own style and share whatever you wish from your travels. We ask for a minimum of 700 words (as a guide) and the piece can be accompanied by photos if you wish (we ask for at least one).

If you want to submit a story, we would ask for you to send us an example of your writing; either a link to a website, blog or piece you’ve had published before. We don’t want to discourage people who have never been published, so you can also send us a short sample (as little as a paragraph) of something you have written!

Photo essays: Sharing travel stories through photographs
Photo essays are designed to focus on the photography of a traveller. The feature should follow a theme of a particular place or trip, or a series of portraits or street photography from a number of places. We ask for a short introduction at the beginning of the piece – maximum 500 words (as a guide) – and each photo can be accompanied by captions if you wish. We usually like for black & white and colour photography to be separated.

Photo essays are really designed for photographers, so if you want to submit a photo essay please send us a link to your website or any other platform you use to showcase your photos. If you are an amateur photographer, send us some samples of your work.

All work will be fully credited. We will include links to your website, Instagram or any other social media platform.

ROAM is designed for creative travellers to share their stories, so if you have any other creative talent you wish to showcase on ROAM, email us! It may be art, music, a love of food or a short film you have made, we are open to any suggestions and would love to hear from you.

For all submissions or queries, please email

Note: Due to having a small team and receiving a great number of emails daily, we are not able to reply to every submission we receive. If your submission has been successful, we will endeavour to respond within two weeks.