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A Desert Palette | Dubai, UAE

November 23, 2017

By Evi Ritter

Located in the Arabian Desert on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai breaks all records and leaves you speechless. Surrounded by the world’s tallest building, the largest artificial islands, the first „7-star“ hotel, the biggest shopping mall and one of the largest indoor snow parks in the world, everything seems possible in this city. Dubai, once a humble fishing village, has developed into a thriving ethnically diverse metropolis.

But there is more to Dubai than its glamorous lifestyle and the ever-growing number of skyscrapers that shape the city skyline.

Having only 72 hours to experience this overwhelming city, we admittedly didn’t expect a lot. A stopover between two long-haul flights while still suffering from jet lag seemed like too little time to see anything, but for us it was just enough time to dig below Dubai’s shiny exterior.

These warm, golden and dusty hues of Dubai are still very present in my head. Visiting in July is not the best idea. Humidity and temperatures rise high during summer and it is very hard to handle, especially when you are coming from the North. The heat hits you like a wall when you step out of your air conditioned hotel and it is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It completely takes your breath away.

While wandering through Dubai’s bustling Souks you feel the oriental and traditional side in every corner. It’s bright, colorful, noisy and fascinating to explore the labyrinth of covered walkways with it’s tiny stores while the aromas of exotic scents lead you through.! !

Just a short drive and you are surrounded by untouched desert. Experiencing the seemingly fragile, windswept, rippled orange sand dunes is so majestic and magical.

Exploring them makes you feel very small and insignificant in this world.

Evi Ritter is an Austrian fine art travel and lifestyle photographer. She has lived in Zurich, Paris, Los Angeles and Germany before resettling in Sweden. She is an avid wanderer and wonderer. Through her photography you see her love of life’s simple pleasures and her love of the outdoors. Her style is minimal, light and fresh. She loves spending time with her family at the sea and exploring new places. You can follow her work on eviritter.com and her travels on Instagram @eviritter!

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